Wednesday, December 14, 2011

vintage steel tanker desk…completed

The $20 resale shop find has been completed and we had to share.
Here is how we did it!
1.      Wash or whip down. Our find had a lot of dirt and spider webs. It must have lived in a few storage places before making its way to our loving home!
2.      Remove handles and sand the surface. We used a medium grain sand paper.
3.      Once sanding is completed whip down all of the dust. This is the most important step! Any dust that is left behind will show up when you spray paint.
4.      We used $30 of Karolyn spray paint – blue ocean breeze from Home Depot to complete the look.
5.      Tips for spray painting. Take your time, hold the can up right and make short steady motions. Don’t over spray were it starts to drip. Spray and stop let the paint dry a little before you do the next coat.  
We hope you love it we do!