Thursday, May 24, 2012

Homemade Baby Food

I like to think that my son “loves” my cooking but I still need to mix it up a little, but with little effort. This mamma is a busy gal! 

I made 3 complex meals for my on the go 8 month old:
1.      Peaches and Oats
2.      Peaches, Oats and Banana
3.      Peaches, Oats, Banana, and Broccoli

I started out defrosting one bag of frozen peaches and added them in my food processor, mix in 5 tablespoons of baby oats. Blend and  add to an ice food try.

Each cube in an ice cube tray is 1oz. This makes it really easy at feeding time to know how much food baby is eating.

Fill some of the cubes up with the mixture.

Add 3 bananas to the leftover peaches and oats blend. Add to the ice tray. Finally, the last step, steam a medium head of broccoli. When tender add to the leftover peaches, oats and banana!

The yummy meals under 15 minutes!    

Making sure I do it right

Homemade Baby Food   


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  1. When you say baby oats, do you mean the ground stuff in the box?