Saturday, November 27, 2010

pretty red bows...

This year we have decided to put wreaths in our windows as our “day time” Christmas decorations. We needed about eight bows for the different wreaths we put up. If I might say so, I got pretty good with making bows. I just wanted to share how I made them.

Ribbon – 2.5 in / 10 yards

Fold your ribbon in 14” sections, looping it 5 times 
Cut, so it’s separated from the spool of ribbon
The end you just cut is your back

Pinch in the center of the ribbon were you have two equal parts
Secure with wire wrapping it in the center

Start with the end side loop and pull out to the right, alternate sides

keep going...

To make the bow tails. Cut another piece of ribbon from the spool 42” long and fold in half.

Put in the center of the bow you made and twist, secure with wire.

 Add your bow to your wreath with the left over wire tails

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